Ian Keith

Ian was grew up in Rancho Penasquitos, San Diego, near a canyon preserve, a place someone would not expect to find in the sub-urban sprawl of a big city.  His time in nature was spent in this canyon for most of his young life, exploring every inch of this scrub oak grassland canyon with his childhood dog.  It became his spiritual link to nature, as well as his foundation that led to his career in conservation.  The canyon is what lead Ian to Humboldt State University’s Wildlife Department.   

In Fall semester 2017, he took Apex Predator Conservation and Management taught by Dr. Aletris Neils and from then on knew what focus he wanted work toward with his degree.  Ian has always felt a strong connection to large carnivore species conservation, and through the teachings of Dr. Neils, Ian was able to learn and develop his skills in carnivore conservation.

Ian is currently a senior Wildlife management student at HSU working on his senior project conducting a non-lethal black bear deterrent study on Trinity River Vineyard land in Willow Creek, CA.  This study will help to deter black bears from causing damage to one of Humboldt County’s notable wine producers.  The study focuses on a cost-efficient method for non-lethally keeping black bears from damaging agricultural crops, an issue that many Humboldt County residents and landowners are very aware of and deal with annually.  The project’s results can have a profound effect on how landowners can prevent conflict with their local population of bears, leading to the object of coexistence.

Bear Harmony

Ian is the lead field researcher for our inovative and collaboartive ​​
Bear Harmony initave.
Bear Harmony