The Bobcat Project
Urban Bobcats
Interesting facts about bobcats

1. Male home ranges usually encompass a few square miles, while the female home ranges are often smaller.

2. Bobcats are solitary, territorial, and tend to avoid human interactions.

3. Bobcats are obligate carnivores. Preferred prey includes rodents, rabbits, birds, and but occasionally they take larger animals like deer.

4. Female bobcats usually have a litter of 2-4 kittens sometime during spring and summer.  The mother must feed and raise her kittens all by herself, until they are grown.

5. Bobcats are susceptible to the same diseases as domestic cats, and disease can be transmitted between domestic cats and bobcats (or vice versa).  This is just one reason to keep your pet cats indoors.

6. One of the biggest threats to suburban bobcats is exposure to rat poison.  Bobcats (as well as coyotes, fox, hawks, and owls) will consume poisoned and dying rodents. In the eyes of a predator, a sick, weakened rat straggling around in the desert is too good an opportunity to simply pass up. Unfortunately, the predator will then ingest that poison as well, and often times will succumb to the toxic effects.